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Shandong Sansheng Auto Parts Co. LTD

Shandong Sansheng Auto Parts Co. LTD. (formerly Rizhao Sansheng Plastic Co., LTD.), rubber industrial park is located in shandong rizhao city lanshan district in floor now company set hardware products rubber plastic products is a body comprehensive enterprise better integrate hardware products rubber plastic products, to ensure the product quality of each link control in the hands of their own, also reduce the cost of the product the company mainly produces air conditioning car engine electronic implement mechanical instrument traffic substation equipment, and other industry products of rubber accessories hardware products are: stamping tensile CNC spinning sheet metal welding Rubber products: silicone rubber oil resistant rubber triisopropyl rubber, fluorine rubber and other high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, flame retardant sanitation and other special performance requirements of heterosexual rubber products plastic products: injection molding blow molding


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